Let your brand “echoes” Facebook

    We often forget the original objective of the social network Facebook. Visit, or log on to this page to do instinctively, without any thought of what she actually needs to represent. We watch notice, Like, SHARE and secretly envy or want what we see.

    How we forgot the sentimental value of connecting with friends and relatives, so the company and the company flexed to take advantage of this connectivity. In this way they are closer to their customers, or customers.

    To create a successful Facebook page for a business, it is necessary to understand how and in what way to connect with users on the platform.

    Use the "Call-To-Action" button
    One of the most useful page for a Facebook-profile company is "call-to-action" button that you can easily create. With this button, you can have an insight into what clients are doing. If we move on when they signed up to the fact that they wish to contact us via e-mail, as well as to the fact that they want to buy your product. Choose whatever "call-to-action" button to work for you. If after a while you notice that statistics show that this button does not perform its function properly, and try to replace it with a new and different.

    "Pin" their important posts
    "Pinned" posts are posts that you have made to stay at the top of the page. This will allow certain posts "feel" the longevity and commitment. Using the Facebook analysis, see the publication of his best and attach it to the top. If you sell a product that surpasses all others, think about how to mark the one that has the advantage to gain in popularity.


    Spend a little money
    Sometimes you have to spend a little and that after earned. If you use Facebook to advertise your business, spending money on Facebook is a good way to promote the product to a wider audience. These ads will target people using Facebook's algorithm for advertising right people.

    Use image as posts
    Facebook is a visual medium, but if most of the content is based on textu, it should be broken up with images. Use them to engage your audience, to include it in interaction - whether you can make a competition, it is interesting question, or simply show off their products. Express your creativity, because today's technology it is very easy to.

    Be Responsible
    What users can view on your Facebook page is the speed and frequency with which you respond to other users. If you have high ratings, they will only encourage interaction with new users. Use the Facebook page to answer questions, and help solve problems, or simply maintain communication with the audience.


    Create events
    Facebook events are a great way for many things - first to keep their customers, but also to inform them about what's happening in your business. You can publish the sale in its online store or you can make and special events, where users will have access to your products.
    Announcement Video
    Facebook has recently added a Live video and many companies see this option as an advantage and use it as best they can. You can host a live Q & A, or the ability to provide a "behind the scenes" look at posts about your business.


    Add a personal touch

    Chances are there for everyone, so if you are a "small" business, the advantage is that you have the ability to show a little of his personality. Allow your customers to learn more about yourself and engage in your profile.

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